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Can I receive a product catalog?

Send your request via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include your U.S. mailing address. TICA does not sell directly to the public therefore the catalog WILL NOT include pricing.  The catalog is free but we do request you pay for the shipping.

Can I order a rod section?

Rod sections are available for purchase or replacement. If your rod is covered by warranty, you may send in the remaining portion for a full replacement. See Warranty for instructions and requirements.

Where can I find Schematics for my Reel?

Go to the Schematic Page and your schematic can be found.  If you cannot find what you are looking for please call us at 1-800-390-5268.

How do I order parts for my Reel?

Please fill out the order form found in the Customer Service page or click here. Once you submit the form we will call you with prices and to collect credit card information. Also you can call us to place an order. The number is 1-800-390-5268. Please do not email any credit card information.

Which number should I call for service in North America for Tica Products?

You may call 1-800-390-5268 for service. Customer service is available from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.

How do I file a warranty claim?

Please follow the directions on the warranty page under the customer service.

Where do I send my Tica reel for repair or service?

You may send your Tica product to:

Tica USA
6952 South 220th Street
Pacific Business Park

Kent, WA 98032

How long does it normally take for repair?

The average turnaround time for warranty and chargeable repairs once payment is received is approximately 3-5 working days. It may vary depending on seasonal demand.

Can I buy Tica Products direct?

Authorized dealers located throughout the United States and Canada only sell our inline products. Some closeouts, accessories, and apparel can be purchased direct.  Call 800-390-5268 if you are having difficulty finding a specific product.


How do I set my drag for the pound test line I'm using?

As a rule of thumb, mount your reel to the rod then feed the line through each guide. Now with the rod at a 45˚ degree angle use a scale and set the drag so that it gives at approximately 1/4 of the line's breaking strength for mono and (1/3 for braid,) during this process it is necessary to simulate a fishing condition. Therefore, the rod must be held in a stable position either by a person or a rod holder.

There is No drag pressure.

If you are using braided line, test for line slippage. You can test for line slippage by tightening the drag knob to the maximum setting. Hold the line securely with your thumb and forefinger, and turn the handle. If the spool rotates and the line stays in place you have line slippage.

The solution is to wrap two layers on monofilament spliced to your braided line or wrap 2 layers of masking tape around the spool arbor. This provides grip for the braided line and will prevent line slippage.

What do I do about Line twist?

Line was not wound on the spool correctly. Reels with slow or super slow oscillation must have line wound on using the reel.  If line roller bearing/bushing is binding, lubricate with oil or replace line roller bearing.

Bail will not close correctly.
  1. Weak bail trip spring - replace bail trip spring.
  2. Bail wire is bent or out of shape - replace bail wire.
  3. Corrosion on bail pivot - clean corrosion and apply oil to the pivot.
My handle spins backwards on hooksets.

Faulty anti reverse bearing. Replace anti reverse bearing. Reel is over lubricated with oil. Clean all the oil from the anti reverse bearing.

Line does not stack correctly on my spinning reel.

Reel needs shims to adjust spool height on the reel. If the line is too high on the spool add a shim. If it is too low remove a shim.

The drag on my reel is not smooth.

Check spool for damage. Lack of grease on the drag washer or drag washer soaked with oil. Replace drag washers or re-grease.

Reel does not cast as far as it used to.

Check spool support bearings for smoothness and corrosion. If not smooth or corroded replace bearing. There is excessive dirt or oil on spool shaft or spool lip, clean dirt/oil with a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol.