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Galant Spin-X GEAT

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  • MSRP:    $34.50 - 37.80

Tica's Galant Spin-X GEAT reel series contain 6 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing with instant anti-reverse bearings. It features instant anti-reverse bearings, slim line frame, thick strong bail system and a comfortable handle knob. The oscillation system lays line on the spool perfectly on the spool. The GEAT also has a special anti-corrosion spool treatment.               

  • 6 sealed precision stainless steel rust resistant ball bearings

  • 1 roller bearing 

  • Oscillation system lays line perfectly on anti-corrosion spool       

  • Anti-twist line roller       

  • Instant anti-reverse bearings    

  • Thick strong bail system

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