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Traditional Boat Rod (2)

This rod is ideal for private boaters and charter services that fish for fluke, flounder, stripers, blues, and tuna.  It has composite blanks that give strength and the ideal actions.


  • Strong graphite and fiberglass composite construction
  • Special solid tip design
  • Fuji Hardloy ring guides
  • Tica's exclusive reel seat with EVA front grip
  • Handmade interwoven-thread design


Our BCMB rods are designed for the largest tuna and billfish. They are made with Tica's exclusive machined anodized aluminum reel seat with a built in tuna block to prevent damage to foam grips from harness straps. The triple, gold/silver/pearl diamond wrap gives this rod a rich look.


  • Constructed of graphite and strong fiberglass composite material
  • Ultra light and powerful rod with agile action
  • Titanium oxide ring guides
  • Heavy duty Tica DPS aluminum reel seat perfectly matches the power of Tica's 2-speed reel ( 20WTS / 30WTS / 50WTS)
  • Extra tough EVA front grip and slick nylon rear grip